Process map

Note: The surveillance processes are according to CAFECERT’s own scheme (1a +), they must be carried out every 12 months (± 2 months) to comply with each annuity

How we follow up

CAFECERT will carry out follow-up evaluations to the
CERTIFIED CLIENTS, annually or extraordinarily.

The main purpose of this activity is to verify that the CLIENT has fulfilled during the elapsed period the criteria established for the granting of the CERTIFICATION and ensure the continued validity of the demonstration of compliance of the product requirements.

CAFECERT Takes samples at the market, at the operator’s warehouse, or a combination of both.

CAFECERT validates that the client has the current registration of: Roaster, thresher, solubilizer or producer of coffee extract before Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, applies only to clients in Colombia.

Cafecert proceeds according to the stages of:
Evaluation, Review and Decision.