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Café de Colombia received the Protected Geographical Indication seal

This seal, which is the highest status that an agricultural product from a developing country has been granted in Europe, was achieved thanks to the fact that Colombian Coffee is recognized in the world as high quality.

The Regulation on Protected Geographical Indication was officially handed over to the National Federation of Coffee Growers by the Deputy Director General of the Directorate of Agriculture of the European Commission, Jerzy Bogdan Plewa.

The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) designation corresponds to a product with a high level of quality, thanks to the link with the geographical environment in any of the stages of its production, transformation and / or elaboration.

The event was held at the Berlaymont Building, the main headquarters of the European Union, and was attended by the Colombian ambassador to the EU, Carlos Holmes Trujillo; a group of directors of the Federation of Coffee Growers; the diplomatic corps accredited to the Government of Belgium; the delegates of several countries to the European Union and a prominent group of representatives of the products that have been registered in the register of Protected Geographical Indications and Appellations of Origin of Europe.