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The Cafecert Foundation has been approved by 4C Services GmbH

We are pleased to announce to our clients that on December 7th, 2021, the Cafecert Foundation has been approved by 4C Services GmbH as a cooperating certification body to begin offering certification services in the 4C standard in Colombia.

As of now, CAFECERT is currently authorized to offer, as a new certification and cooperating body, and to any interested parties, the 4C certification services that are summarized below:

Certification and recertification audits

•  Annual Updates Evaluation

•  Monitoring audits

•  Addendum audits (extension of the scope already certified or additional audits)

•  Audits for the Chain of Custody.

In addition, CAFECERT will also offer the complementary services of:

•  Permanent technical support regarding the resolution of doubts regarding the 4C standard

•  Technical meetings between the 4C team of Cafecert and the technical team of the Managing Entity.

•  Complementary certifications such as 4C Food Security (Reinforcing the commitment to the Human Rights to Adequate Food) and 4C Gender Equity (promoting the empowerment of women); based on the specific requirement of the Management Entities and approval of 4C Services GmbH

CAFECERT, as an entity that seeks to strengthen COLOMBIAN COFFEE FARMING and as a foundation without any particular interests, seeks to continue supporting the improvement of tools and elements to strengthen Colombian Coffee in the world.

The certification bodies authorized by 4C Services GmbH can be consulted at the following link